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Minds Eye Theatre Mage Play Testing - Campus Crusaders for Cthulhu (Elder Branch)

About Minds Eye Theatre Mage Play Testing

Previous Entry Minds Eye Theatre Mage Play Testing Jan. 3rd, 2007 @ 04:06 pm Next Entry
Second Round of MET Awakening Playtesting!
The first round of playtesting is over, and I don't think my rules were beaten up enough, so now I'm looking for more!

I am looking for live-action groups to assist in the second round of MET Awakening playtesting, which will last from about January 15th until February 15th. I would like to have a roughly even split between Camarilla groups (composed primarily of active LARP players within the Camarilla fan club) and non-Camarilla groups (composed primarily of non-Camarilla members or Camarilla members who primarily play non-Camarilla-sanctioned LARPs). One person would act as the lead, a point of contact between me and their group. There's a few things I would need from a lead:

1) NDAs. Every single person in the playtest group will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with White Wolf, and the playtest materials will only be able to be shared with those who have signed this agreement, with the understanding these materials are considered subject to non-disclosure. (Note: if you were in the first round, you don't have to do this again).

2) Access to a copy of the Mage: The Awakening original book, as well as a copy of the Mind's Eye Theatre rulebook. Neither of these will be provided to you for the playtest.

3) Ability to keep to a timetable. The second round of playtesting is only four weeks long, and I would like for you to have (at least) a couple of playtest sessions as well as all feedback returned to me within that time.

4) Consistent e-mail access. Not only will all playtest materials be sent over email, but things may change during the playtesting round, and I may need to get in touch with the lead on short notice. Regular email access is a must.

5) ACTUAL PLAYTESTING. I don't need people to just read the manuscript and tell me their opinions. Right now, I need people to use the rules and tell me what actually works and what doesn't.

If you think your group might be interested, I'll need the following information for yourself or the person who will act as the playtesting lead for your group:

Best email address for contact:
Camarilla or non-Camarilla group (definitions above):
Potential size of group:

SPACE IS LIMITED. Email me at eddyw@white-wolf.com if you're interested. If your group is selected, I will email you with the NDA and further instructions. Groups that provide good feedback will have their names listed as playtesters in the final book. Thank you very much for your time!

Eddy Webb, US2002021084
Freelancer, White Wolf Publishing
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